About Me

Hello, my name is Josée Robichaud, but you can call me Josie or Jo ((most people do!)).

I was the kid in school that absolutely adored Art class. It was the highlight of my week! Drawing was a way for me to sit back, stretch my imagination and to demonstrate my cheeky sense of humor. It didn't take too long for me to become very attracted to the idea of becoming an animator.

So, after High school, I enrolled and graduated from NBCC Miramichi's 'Art Fundamentals' and then later '2D Animation and Graphics' programs.

I then later chose to expand on my skill sets and returned to school again so that I could pick up some 3D Animation and Modeling skills at Atlantica Center for the Arts.

I am currently one of the instructors at Atlantica Center for the Arts. I'm using this time to sharpen up my skills, all while passing on what ever knowledge I've picked up over the years to my students.

I do my best to stay positive, I'm easy to get along with and I'm for ever searching for ways to make myself more valuable within the industry that I love!


Fun Facts about Josie;
  • Josie has a secret love affair with Coffee.
  • Munch, her pet Australian Shepherd, owes her rent.
  • Josie also has her own motorcycle. Scary, hunh?
  • She doesn't like spiders very much.
  • Video games, Animated shorts and Movies are a must!
  • Despite her sometimes grumpy appearance, Josie is quite friendly and loves meeting people... so don't be shy! Say hello any time!

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